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Start DJing with No Money: 4 Essential Tips

DJing is a fairly expensive hobby – or at least that’s what the vast majority of beginners and casuals and to think. The truth is that you can pick up DJing as a hobby without putting too much money down at once – and by that, I mean no more than a couple hundred dollars. […]

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Can you DJ from Spotify?

Spotify has quickly become the number one music streaming service in the world. And while its library is not exhaustive (at the top of my head, I can already think of at least 10 artists I usually use in my mixes that cannot be found on Spotify), you can’t really deny that’s it’s a great […]

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CD vs Vinyl – Which is Better?

Nowadays, most DJs tend to stir themselves towards the digital end of the spectrum, both in terms of music and technique. Without a doubt, digital is much cheaper and much easier to master for a beginner – but there are still die-hard fans of analog music and mixing devices. Today, we’re going to tackle the […]

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Physical Mixers vs DJ Software: Which is Better?

The mixer is probably the most important tool for a DJ, and there’s no need to go into details as to why. Briefly, the mixer is the device that allows you to juggle with your tracks, be they digital files or vinyl records, polish your sound, and add all sorts of awesome effects to your […]

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Building Your Go-To DJ Kit: 3 Essential Pieces

So, you’ve finally decided to pursue your dream of becoming a professional DJ. However, before you start moving dancefloors, you will need to invest in some proper equipment of your own. Sure, you can show up to the club with just a laptop with a pre-made mix on it and let that play the whole […]

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Why Do DJs use Headphones and what are their uses?

Everyone is probably used to the image of DJs wearing headphone when they mix music at different venues. However, not many of us know why exactly DJs use their headphones. Some might think that they are used for blocking the noise of the crowd and protecting one’s ears from the loudspeakers, but it’s way more […]

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Becoming a DJ, How To Start

There’s no easy and exact way to becoming a DJ. Just like any other professions, DJ-ing is a long path of successes and failures, which has to be taken step by step if one wishes to become a great professional like any other career, DJ-ing should start with a great passion for music and the […]

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DJ Mixers and How They Work

Being a DJ is not always fun, as it often requires an acute understanding of the devices you are controlling and their functionality. To produce impressive mixes and make smooth transitions between tracks, you have to be familiar with the entire set-up you are using. The DJ mixer is the device which helps mostly in […]

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DJ Controllers, A Beginners Choice?

Today’s technology has totally changed the traditional DJ setup. The modern software and controllers have evolved enough to become basic tools for DJs. Most of them are designed to be easily learned and used by the user. In this article, we will present you some of the best DJ controllers which are user-friendly, being perfect […]

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