Commander G Series Review - Your New Next-Gen Gaming Headset?

Commander G Series Review – Your New Next-Gen Gaming Headset?

The Commander G series gaming headset is one of the best selling headsets of 2024, so naturally we had to try it out and review it here on DJ Music Geek. Featuring a custom 7.1 virtual surround sound chip, the Commander claims to provide excellent surround sound experiences and everything you would need in a gaming headset.

The Commander G Series Gaming 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Headset

We decided to review and test the Commander G series headset on both a PS5 and an Xbox One to see what all the fuss was about.

So I ended up testing the headset for probably over about 50+ hours worth of gameplay in total. Not because I wanted to test it for this long for this particular review, but because I just kept using it as my headset every night without really thinking about it. So you could say that this headset has become my ‘go-to’ headset outside of product reviewing. Who would have guessed?

Let me take you through the headset and fill you in on some of the features:

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Firstly, on the volume control unit there are 3 different modes that you can choose from. These three modes have been designed specifically for different uses. The first mode being the most commonly used mode is used for gaming and enhances sound such as footsteps in games like Call of Duty. This mode is the green mode and will probably be your default mode.

Next up is the red mode which is meant for listening to music as the Commander G Series headset can also be used as a solid pair of headphones with the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Lastly we have the blue mode which is specifically for watching movies and videos. This mode helps to enhance dialogue as well as action giving as best overall balance as possible.

To be honest, whilst I’ve flicked through the modes, the green mode enhanced the footsteps of players in-game so well that I barely tested the other modes for more than 10 minutes a piece. This is a gaming headset after all and you probably will be using it to game most of the time!

Is it Comfortable?

In terms of comfort, the headset truly does it as one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever tested. The top headrest of the headset is also adjustable so that you can adjust it to the size of your head where it sits comfortably. So even if you have a big head like me you’ll be catered for (or a small head for that matter too)!

How Good is the Sound?

When it comes to sound, the Commander G series does have you covered. The huge 50mm speaker unit drives immense sound and bass. The whole point of having a gaming headset other than to communicate is to enjoy and the games you are playing and being able to hear everything clearly is vital. Top marks given here.

The Commander G Series sitting next to my PS5.

What’s the Microphone Like?

Communicating with your team is essential to winning, so when using the Commander G Series gaming headset you can enjoy a clear line of communication with your partners. The microphone features a customised noise cancelling technology which reduces almost all background noise reducing any annoyance to your teammates. I tested this a couple of times and it does work really well. 

One of the great things that we noticed about this mic was the ability to fold it away when it’s not needed. As sometimes when you don’t feel like talking, being able to fold away the microphone was a real positive and this feature also goes hand-in-hand with using the headset as a standalone pair of headphones.

In terms of build quality the headset does stand out as one of the better headsets I’ve tested. The unit feels sturdy and the use of flimsy plastic is nowhere to be seen. The ear padding is made from high-quality PVC material and allows heat to escape fairly easily, as a result of this I found that I was able to use the headset for periods of over four hours at a time without any discomfort or sweating over the ears.

Using The Headset In-Game

Now, we should probably talk about in game use. I’m a heavy call of duty user, so a lot of the testing was done on CoD. I like to play a mixture of Cold War and Modern Warfare, especially the search and destroy game mode. When it comes to having a competitive advantage, of course having a headset with clear audio specifically designed for games is going to help you.


I found that with the G Series you tend to win a lot more in game battles by hearing enemy footsteps before they hear you with much more precision. It genuinely feels like you are hearing the noises in real life so your senses are already tuned to know where the enemies are. I also found myself pre-firing enemies as they were about to come around the corner as well as hearing enemies above me in buildings where otherwise I would not have been able to hear them. This feature alone has allowed me to become a better player in game and to be honest I doubt I could live without these features moving forward. I’ve tested a bunch of different gaming headsets in my time and I truly believe the Commander G series to be one of the best around.

My Review

One thing I really like about this headset overall is the price. I’ve tested headsets upwards of $300 and the difference is marginal. I bought the Commander G Series from Shopsta and using the discount code I only paid $80 with free shipping. The headset arrived promptly and I could track the delivery once it has been dispatched. The need to pay more for a gaming headset in my opinion is only there if you are truly a professional gamer competing for real money. Where as if you are a casual but serious gamer you can’t go wrong with the G series.

Overall I would rate it’s a 9.8 out of 10 and whilst I can’t specifically think of a negative point for the headset, I do understand that headsets in the several hundreds of dollars range can be slightly better. So if you’re looking for a new headset for you or as a gift to somebody that loves gaming, I’d say go for it and you won’t regret it.

Where To Buy

You can pick up the Commander G Series using the following link:

For US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand users:

For UK & Ireland users:

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