Best DJ Headphones - The Ultimate Guide for 2024

The Best DJ Headphones On The Market in 2024

Headphones are one of the most important tools for a DJ. Good headphones will help the DJ to get a better grip of the sound and be always aware of the quality of his mixes. He should also be able to jump on to the next track at the right time and mix the beats effectively. This is why great headphones are essential for DJs, as the headphones are used to play the next track in only the DJ’s ears so he can mix both sounds effectively. This guide will give you some recommendations of our most preferred, best quality and reasonable priced products:

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1. Dynamic Studio Pro DJ Headphones

Dynamic Studio Pro DJ Headphones
  • Enjoy superb, balanced sound and supreme comfort with the Studio Pro headphones. Large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers combined with neodymium magnets provides stereo Hi-Fi level sound; powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form perfect balanced sound.

Coming in at number one on our list are the Dynamic Studio Pro’s. These DJ headphones are our top pick by a mile. Providing excellent sound and comfort as well as a great swivel mechanism, the Dynamic Studio Pro headphones are our best pick for 2024.

The 50mm neodymium driver reproduces all your music’s dynamics and delivers controlled bass that DJs need.

The Dynamic Studio Pro’s are ideal for DJ digital mixing, mixer panelling, turntables, monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, video, electronic news gathering–and virtually any application where high quality sound is required.

Among the many features of these headphones, they are also not too heavy on the wallet and can usually be had with 10% off from retailer Shopsta (use the promo code they always have on the homepage).

If you need a pair that will provides high comfort, great sound quality and a great price… go for these.

2. Senheiser HD 25-1 II

Sennheiser Professional HD 25 Light On-Ear DJ Headphones
  • Sennheiser is the favorite choice of many great DJs.
  • Because our headphones have a built-in understanding of how DJs work.
  • They are sturdy, intelligently designed, and provide outstanding sound - they are guaranteed to become an integral part of your set.
  • DJ headphones have to be no less than a perfect assistant, by blocking outside noise, and by keeping the flow with intuitive operation and sturdy design.

Senheiser have lots of quality products in their lineup, and the HD 25-1 II is no exception. These headphones provide a quality audio output and weigh about 5 ounces, so are quite light comparatively. If lightweight is what you are looking for, this is one of the best ones out there.

The headphones have capsules that can be rotated to listen with one ear. They are able to handle high sound pressure in noisy environments due to their solid design.

If you need a pair that are lightweight and will ensure you high comfort, this may be the best option for you.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 1350

Beyerdynamic AT1350-A32 Audiometry Headphone for Aural-accoustical Analysis and...
  • Audiometric headphone for aural-accoustical analysis and measurement, with 32 ohm drivers
  • Tesla Technology with high efficiency and low levels of distortion
  • Excellent ambient noise reduction
  • Includes carrying case, and single-sided cable with gold-plated stereo jack plug and ¼-"adapter

Beyerdynamic introduced their first pair of headphones with the DT 1350. Their headphones are known due to their high sound quality and comfortable design.

The headphones feature 80 Ohm drivers and are quite lightweight, which is a big plus if you are used to performing longer. They isolate the external noise efficiently and have low distortion levels due to their Tesla Technology. Their maximum sound pressure is about 129dB, which is an impressive figure.

DT 1350 has 90-degree swiveling ear cups, which allows monitoring the track with one ear. These headphones will surely last long and satisfy most of the consumers with their solid design.


AIAIAI TMA-2 (DJ Preset) Professional Headphones - modular headphone system with...
  • DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS: The DJ Preset is one of AIAIA’s available TMA-2 Modular headphone preset configurations. Designed for DJs, this preset delivers a punchy and intense sound representation, focusing on bass and low-end dynamics, perfect for live performances and electronic music. A powerful, sturdy, closed -cup headphone offering high isolation suitable for live performance and electronic/bass heavy music.
  • FULLY CUSTOMISABLE: With hundreds of possible combinations of headbands (including wireless), ear pads, speakers and cables, you can you upgrade and personalise your preset modular headphones with ease. The AIAIAI TMA-2 modular headphones are perfect for the modern-day digital musician. It allows you to easily switch between components to deliver a unique listening experience.
  • HIGH QUALITY AUDIO: At the core of the headphones are the 40mm titanium-coated drivers (SO2 for a punchy sound representation). The driver provides high-end audio quality with a wide frequency range. It helps to minimise distortion for a clear and focused sound, which is great for picking up the beat.
  • SUPERB COMFORT: Soft on-ear foam cushion covered with PU leather. The thickness of the cushion and the materials used give a closed and intense sound representation. You can easily change the position of the cups to make the headphones fit perfectly.

AIAIAI headphones feature a futuristic design, which will offer you dynamic experience on the stage. They have similar characteristics to the Senheiser HD-25-1 II and the Beyerdynamic DT 1350, but it has smaller ear cups which would isolate poorer the external noise.

They have interchangeable ear pads, and their technology regulates the equalizer levels evenly, without allowing any distortions.
The headphones are a great option if you’re in need of a quality set of headphones that will serve you long enough.

5. Numark Red Wave

Numark Red Wave Carbon - Wired Professional DJ Headphones with Swivel Design,...
  • For the modern DJ – Professional DJ headphones with sleek looks, ultra-robust build and swivel design for monitoring house and cue audio simultaneously - the ideal accompaniment to your DJ decks
  • High fidelity, full range sound for the perfect DJ set - Over ear design large 50 mm driver, neodymium magnet and voice coil for precise frequency response
  • Superior comfort - Breathable protein-leather padding that remains comfortable during extended use
  • Protection on-the-move - Wired headphone design for stability during DJ mixes; includes carrying case and a detachable cable with A¼- Inch jack for seamless connectivity to virtually all DJ mixers

Numark produces a lot of qualitative equipment for musicians. Their gear is also a great choice due to their affordable prices, which allow people on a budget to get the desired types of tools. The Red Wave features a modern design similar to pioneer’s 1500 having large swiveling ear cups. The padding is made of protein leather that helps in maintaining the comfort while performing. You can also fold down the headphones to transport them more easily and safe.

The package also includes a case to store the headphones, an adapter, and a cable. This is a good alternative if you are on a budget and searching for a nice pair for your gigs. For their price, they deliver a good sound quality, although sometimes noise distortion can become noticeable. Despite that, they are a good choice for less money.

6. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphones - Matte Black
  • Award-winning M-Class "modern audiophile" sound signature tuned by over 200 affectionados
  • Remastered 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers ; Type: Over-Ear Circumaural
  • Clean deep Bass, Vivid Mids and Ultra-Extended Highs tuned by the forums and editors
  • Unique CLIQFOLD design for compact storage

V-Moda is a new model on the market, but despite that, it has gained the popularity of many DJ’s. They come in with an exoskeletal case, which is very in handy to accurately organize the cables. The headphones also have qualitative ear cups that will cover your ears enough to isolate the intrusive noise. With all things mentioned, they have one specific characteristic. The headphones have a flex-steel band. This is another feature, which emphasizes their durability. With them, you can bend one ear cup safely away. If you’re in the middle of the mix wishing to queue a track in the ear and start editing the lines, you will find it’s band very useful.

They will ensure to smooth out the sounds and prevent any distortions while mixing. V-Moda is a perfect choice if you are searching for a good pair of durable, stylish and qualitative headphones.

7. SonyMDRV 55

No products found.

Sony has produced a lot of electronic devices, which are known for high quality and efficiency. They also have a list of high-quality headphones, which includes MDRV 55.

They come at a low price because their built quality is quite brittle and they can be easily broken if handled without care. However, they are the choice for most DJ’s on a budget for their excellent sound quality. So, if you decide upon these, be sure to take good care of them.

8.  Sony MDR-7506

No products found.

These headphones from Sony are popular for their high build and sound quality. They have become sort of standard for many DJ’s and producers. Compared to the MDRV 55 and other models from Sony, they are much more durable.

They feature a similar design to many Pioneer models, which contributes to their popularity. These headphones will hold you long and will be an optimal choice if you are also serious about producing music.

9. Pioneer HDJ-1500-S

These are the next version of the infamous HDJ-1000, which were used by many popular DJs. The headphones can be packed easily, by folding them, which ensures ergonomic transportation.

These headphones provide good sound quality and durably built design, though with time their bass tends to be affected. If you want to purchase them for home recording, they will be a good option for that, but if you plan on traveling more and making diverse performances, you would better consider other alternatives, which are more durable.

Their drawback is that Pioneer doesn’t provide any replacement parts, so you can’t repair them with original pieces if something breaks. However, they are still a worthy choice, considering that they would last through many sessions and be able to deliver top sound quality.

10. Pioneer HDJ-2000

Pioneer DJ DJ Headphone, Silver, 1.6 m twist-sheathed straight cable...
  • Sound isolation Maximum comfort Rotatable housing Solid build to withstand rigors of professional use
  • Maximum comfort
  • Rotatable housing
  • Solid build to withstand rigors of professional use

Pioneer’s HDJ 2000 are the advanced version of the previously mentioned HDJ-1500. Their sound quality is top-class, which could also be used in studios to monitor mixes. These headphones are quite lightweight and offer comfort with excellent sound isolation.

Their ear cups can be folded, which makes them universally applicable and ergonomic as a part of the equipment. They were also more thoughtfully designed than the HDJ-1500 because with them you also get access to diverse replacement parts. Despite their high price, they are a worthy investment if you want a pair which will hold you long and provide top sound quality.


Sometimes, it is very hard to decide which are the best DJ headphones. There are some important features worth being considered before buying your next pair.

So, the first things that usually come to mind are quality and volume. Quality is a good point because any headphones should be able to deliver you the desired sound, but volume is mostly a wrong aspect to concentrate on. DJs are always in noisy environments so it would be right to think how to block the unnecessary noise for your health and productivity. A good pair of headphones should be able to definitively block some amount of noise from outside. You will need much of the noise to be blocked, but not the whole. With covered ears, the output volume should stay on the level where you can perceive the effects within the mixes. Higher volumes would make it worse distorting the bass and other instruments in the track. With a reasonable volume, you would be able to discern all details, without harming your hearing and making it worse.

The quality is a good point, but you also wouldn’t need studio quality sound to be able to hear your mix well. Such headphones are not suited for the club environment. Therefore, when choosing some a set of headphones, you should firstly take into consideration how well can they block the external sound, the sound quality itself and whether they have a comfortable design to be worn more often.

There is no such thing as “the best” for many things, and headphones are in this category. However, there are some headphones from this list which have more advantages, which make them way better than others. For example, the V-Moda Crossfade have all the features a good pair of headphones should have and are also reasonably priced. The Pioneer HDJ-2000 are also an excellent option, as they will be able to last for a long time, but their price could be quite inaccessible for many. There some models which don’t hold any big names and are still efficient and offer good quality such as Allen & Heath’s XD. You could surely find a nice pair of headphones from this list, which will suit your taste, budget, and style. After all, good headphones are those that can fulfill your needs and keep you entertained.

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chris cook

I’m loyal to my HDJ-2000s. Paid a pretty penny on those but they’ve been with me through countless gigs and are still going strong. Recommend!

    Avatar for DJ Tom
    DJ Tom

    Indeed, the HDJ-2000s are a solid choice. They aren’t cheap, but sure are a great headphone to choose!

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I’d choose Sony over Pioneer any day of the week. Bass is punchier and the prices are much more affordable, and the MDR7506 is one of their best for DJing

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i always found it hard to keep my headphones on for more than an hour, especially during the summer, but I recently switched to the Numarks you recommended and they feel much lighter than anything I had before

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Yo man what’s your opinion on wireless headsets for DJs? really curious to hear your thoughts

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    DJ Tom

    I used to be very skeptical of wireless back in the day, to me it seemed like just another thing to go wrong when performing, but the technology has really come a long way in terms of reliability so now I’m not opposed to wireless, for me though wired will always remind me of more nostalgic times!

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Great reviews man, keep up the good work, will definitely get the Pioneer HDJ2000s they seem like a great deal!

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Would like to see an updated version of this top, are there any new headphones on the market that stood out to you in 2018? I’m on the market for an upgrade right now and would really appreciate any piece of information!

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    Hey Lily, I’ve just gone through and updated the article for 2019.

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the best headphones that I can rely on are the sennheiser n the technics, I had both for 6 yrs. and they still goin strong, no flaws wut so eva… aka Blaze

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Mike Johan

AS we look for a good sound quality so we always have to know about that particular product before buying and there is no problem to find out the features because it is possible to find out all the details through the internet. But there are some products in the market whose services are not so good and we have to keep it in mind before buying.

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Was looking for a nice headphone,This article helped me choose one. Thanks for sharing

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I personally prefer Pioneer HDJ-2000 because I have been using Pioneer equipment from start and they are simply the best.

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Wow thanks for sharing awesome this info with us enjoyed every bit of it.

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I really like the design of the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 it’s a little expensive but definitely worth buying.

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The nice products for DJing. The best DJ headphones. Thanks!

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