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DJ Controllers, A Beginners Choice?

Today’s technology has totally changed the traditional DJ setup. The modern software and controllers have evolved enough to become basic tools for DJs. Most of them are designed to be easily learned and used by the user. In this article, we will present you some of the best DJ controllers which are user-friendly, being perfect first buy alternatives for beginners.

A DJ controller is an external device, which helps a DJ control the music software through jog wheels, knobs, and buttons, which is a much easier method than doing it with a computer keyboard or touchscreen. They can be combined with different other digital devices to expand the audio interface and increase the proficiency of mixing tracks at performances.

Before acquiring a DJ controller, there are also some important factors worth considering:

1. Functions
DJ controllers differ in functionality, and you want to choose one that will be able to fulfill your plans. You can buy one with a built-in audio interface, which will allow you to save tracks, listen to them before performing and decide upon sound quality. However, those that come without one can be upgraded. You would also want to consider such features as how many knobs and backlit buttons they feature and the quality of the scratch plates. Therefore, try to analyze the alternatives and attribute them to your needs respectively.

2. Compatibility with DJ software
You should be attentive to a controller’s software support. Some controllers can be used with any DJ software, while others are intended to be used only with specific ones. Make sure you choose something that supports your software of choice, especially if you’ve already purchased it.

3. Price
Last but not least, the price/quality balance is probably the most important aspect to look at when you’re a beginner. You don’t want to get anything that’s beyond your budget and experience level, but you still don’t want to waste any more than necessary. There are many DJ controllers which are sold at reasonable and affordable prices. Therefore, a beginner could find a suitable one at a convenient price.Anybody who decides upon their first DJ controller and is on a budget would like to make the right investment. The controllers mentioned in this article are ones of the best user-friendly machines, which have the full functionality set a starter needs. If you are still undecided, you can count on one from those mentioned here, as it would be impossible to go wrong with them.

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