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Why DJs Should Wear Earplugs

The most important tools of a DJ are their ears. They also use various equipment for making music, but hearing is where the real creative process happens. However, the sad truth is that the ears are mostly put under pressure due to numerous performances and club environments – where a lot of noise is produced.

Despite the engaging beats, when the volume is too high, it could seriously damage one’s hearing. High frequencies and deep bass could trigger injuries if they are too loud or the listener didn’t take any protective methods. As the hearing is the decisive sense for DJs, we will introduce some methods that could help in preventing any hearing damage:

1. In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear Monitors are good alternatives for protecting the ears. You should be careful about the durability of the In-Ear Monitors, as this is probably the most important thing to consider. Be sure that the monitors have some guarantee. Otherwise, you could pay a significant amount for repairing them. In-Ear Monitors isolate the sound with rubber, foam, and molds. They are the perfect option for isolation the sound, and for efficient use, you would need to keep them in both ears.

2. Length Of Sets

You will want to let your ears recuperate for avoiding any temporary slight deafness. When the club is noisy, you will probably tend to raise the ear to monitor volume level to hear well. Between sessions, it would be a good idea to turn off the monitors. You will want to let your ears rest, which will also help you hear better later on. So, after long gigs, it’s best to reserve some time for regeneration.

3. Special Earplugs

Today’s technology has introduced the so-called decibel-reducing earplugs. They allow you to hear the tracks at lower volumes but still maintain the same isolating quality. This is a great opportunity for DJs to protect their hearing without sacrificing quality. However, you can also use headphones. Some headphones are specially designed to isolate external sounds. With this, you will be able to hear the tracks in your headphones during performances, without needing to considerably increase the volume, because it will isolate enough the music from the club’s speakers.

Being always exposed to loud noises is quite a problem for DJs, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Before starting your performance, place your booth and equipment in front the crowd with the headphones or earplugs on. After all, good hearing is crucial for DJs, and their ears are as important as fingers to guitarists. If you feel that you suffer from constant noise, you would surely need a pair of headphones or earplugs. It is important for any musician to know what kind of environment his hearing could be damaged and take measures to prevent it.

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