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DJ Software, What Does it Do?

Nowadays, DJs do half of their weekly work with the help of special software, which helps produce a smoother sound, match the pitches better and offer all sorts of other perks. From one week to another, DJs have to come up with a different set, which he is to mix on the spot depending on the crowd’s requests and reactions. Without the software, this would be an extremely hard thing to do (and it has been until the software has made it big in the industry).

So, what exactly does DJ software do? For once, it helps the DJ prepare and mixes the soundtracks without any additional help. Of course, one could go a step forward and get a separate controller or mixer, but software is designed in a self-sufficient way so that the DJ can create the mix with it alone.

The most famous two DJ software are Virtual DJ and Traktor. In the end, they have the pretty much same features, but it’s the interface and the user-friendliness that makes the difference. When choosing one of these, or any other alternative software, DJ have to consider their additional equipment (for instance, some mixers are set to work seamlessly with Traktor or Serato). If they are complete beginners, it’s recommended to go for the free version of any software, try out at least two of them, and then make the final choice and purchase the full version.

When it comes to the options one has with DJ software, they are endless. The software will not only make your job 10 times easier but will also help one improve the smoothness and melodicism of the mix in a way that one could never do without it. They have several main functions:

1. To offer superior sound quality. DJ software uses a combination of visual representation and superior audio quality to cleanly cut out every beat so that the DJ can create high-quality music easier. It also has countless effects that will help produce a crisp and fine sound, such as reverb, flanger, and delay.

2. To teach the beginners about the basics of music and music mixing. Some of this software, such as Traktor, use visual representations in the form of colored wavelengths that help the person visualize the different wavelengths. Red, oranges, and yellows usually symbolize the high frequencies, green is used for the mids, and blue for the low frequencies. As many DJs start off without much of a music knowledge, this software can give them some insight into how everything works.

3. To offer them the same rate of virtual and actual vinyl. As software usually has a virtual vinyl that turns at the same rate as a real one and uses a line to indicate its position on the track. This way, inexperienced DJs can get through the basics of virtual vinyl, and be prepared to work with the real thing without spending the extra money on decks.

4. To help them synchronize visuals to the music they are playing. Visual projections are an important part of the clubbing experience. When the dim lights are on, the flashy visuals that go along the beat of the mix can create a unique atmosphere. DJ software can also manage video files and other kinds of visuals and sync them with the music so that the DJ can offer the public a complete experience.

These would be the main features and functions of DJ software. If we were to be completely honest, the software does pretty much all the hard and annoying work for the DJ, as well as offering them some knowledge, especially regarding frequencies, pitch, vinyl, etc… There are tons of DJ software available on the web, but it’s essential to find one that fits your particular needs. To do this, make sure you try as many free trial software as possible and pay for the one that you think works best for your needs.

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