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Popular Software Used By Famous DJs

DJ Scratching DecksDJs are passionate musicians who mix all types of music genres. Their work is to prepare sets which will entertain people and make them dance. Disc Jockeys use different methods to make their shows interesting. They also use DJ software, to make their songs mixable. In the previous decade, it was mainly done with turntables and CDJs, but nowadays the software and controllers have become an industry standard. To choose a suitable DJ software you should consider some factors. Many of them are free, while others require a fee to be purchased. The good thing is that you can test most of them with either 14 or 30-day trials. With the software, you also need a good controller which will help you creating your mixes easily and efficiently. The software presented below are used by many famous DJs including Skrillex, Kaskade, and Tiesto. If you are confused about what kind of software would be best for you, keep on reading to see which ones famous DJs use.

1. Serato DJ
This is one of the best DJ software which has been used by such personalities as Tiesto and Avicii. The software offers many features to enhance your DJ experience and entertain the crowd at maximum. It supports library managements, looping, assignment of cue points, CD-J and vinyl control, scratching emulating – that allows to scratch tracks from your computer – and much more. The software organizes all your mixes, and you can access them always very easily and fast.

2. Ableton LIVE
The software was used by such DJ’s as Tiesto and Skrillex. You can map the keys with it, which allows assigning your preferred parameters to the knobs and pads you need. Ableton LIVE also has an equalizer, synthesizers, diverse instruments, effects, reverb, and delay. It is known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which was firstly designed for music production but was evolved later by DJs making possible to make awesome real-time mixes with it. Ableton LIVE allows customizing your tracks in-depth which not many software are capable off.

3. Deckadance
This software is known to be used by DJ Avicii. Deckadance can be used as a stand-alone program connected as a VSTi. You can combine this software with other ones like Virtual DJ or Serato and open more ways to customize your tracks. It allows to chain the FX, control four decks and map the controllers to your preferences.

4. Traktor PRO 2
Traktor is the most popular DJ software among youngsters for its user-friendly interface and range of possibilities. Queuing and looping the tracks can be easily done, as deciding upon the loop length. With Traktor Pro 2 the cue moments are stored, allowing you to access them easily later. It has a library with 30 effects and 4 FX units. During performances, you can record the audio directly and transfer them to the remix sounds right away. Traktor allows you to customize the parameters as you wish and regulate them fast and efficiently helping you create awesome mixes.

These are some examples of DJ software that popular DJs used and are still using. If you are confused about with which software to start out seriously, leave those thoughts behind and just pick one from the list above. They are all efficient and can be learned fast. With the right motivation, your mixes can reach your favorite DJ’s ears someday.

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