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The Best DJ Speakers / Monitors On The Market in 2024

DJ Speakers are hardware devices, which are designed to deliver the outputted sound to its listeners. However, the term “DJ Speakers” doesn’t assume the basic speakers which you usually find in somebody’s home or car. The speakers which are familiar to all of us can be plugged either into a smartphone or computer, and they […]

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The 6 Best DJ Controllers On The Market for 2024

DJs often prefer to rely rather on hardware rather than a computer keyboard or iPad. Of course, today’s software allows easily to control the flow of the beat from the screen. However, controllers are far better, because they are oriented to focus on your feelings during lives, and do not seek the perfect precision, what […]

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The Best DJ Headphones On The Market in 2024

Headphones are one of the most important tools for a DJ. Good headphones will help the DJ to get a better grip of the sound and be always aware of the quality of his mixes. He should also be able to jump on to the next track at the right time and mix the beats […]

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The Best DJ Software On The Market in 2024 (Mac & PC)

An efficient DJ software is the most important tool for modern DJs. Without software, there is no way to mix your tracks, unless you want to rely on vinyl and an old-school mixer. Therefore, if you want to gain a full control of your beats, an appropriate software will guide you through performances and enhance […]

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