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Top 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers to Buy for May 2024 [Updated]

DJ Tom

Author: DJ Tom

Last Updated: 20 May 2024

When it comes to portable speakers, we have tested dozens of them over the years. Testing all models in every shape, size and spec, we’re here to help you pick the model that’s right for you so whether you’re looking for a great all rounder, a large party speaker or a mini portable for listening to podcasts, we have you covered. No matter what you listen to, where you are listening or what your requirements are, you’ll find the best bluetooth speakers right here.

We will be constantly updating the prices of the products below to reflect the latest deals and promotions that are available. So with that in mind, let us dive right in to the latest and best models to buy.

Best Bluetooth Speaker To Buy:

This guide will give you some recommendations of our most preferred, best quality and reasonably priced products. So here it is, our top buy of 2024, the BlitzWolf® W Series.

1. BlitzWolf® W Series Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

✓ Best Bluetooth Speaker

The W Series provides immense sound, great battery life, easy portability and a waterproof design all for an exceptional price. Free and fast shipping to anywhere in the EU plus no import taxes.

BlitzWolf® W Series
BlitzWolf® W Series
BlitzWolf® W Series
Out of 10
  • 30W POWER OUTPUT: Huge double drivers allows you to indulge in a deep enhanced bass and brilliant sound.
  • CHARGE ON THE GO: Portable charging for your devices with built-in 4000mAh large capacity battery.
  • IPX6 WATERPROOF: Enjoy using the speaker in the wet as much as you like. This speaker is built to withstand jets of water at pressure, so use it in the rain, shower or around water with no worries.
  • TRUE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Pair 2 speakers wirelessly for double the fun. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the W Series has up to a 240 meter range to connect to your device with quick and easy connection.
  • MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS: Connect your W Series via Bluetooth, use a Micro SD card preloaded with music or use an AUX cable.
  • ULTRA PORTABLE: Compact, portable and easy to carry, The W Series portable bluetooth speaker easily stows away in your backpack, enjoy music when climbing, biking, camping, or at the beach.
  • 20 HOUR BATTERY LIFE: Enjoy music for up to 20 hours without needing to recharge. Experience punchy bass and detailed sound on the go with no worry about battery life.


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So, why is the BlitzWolf® W Series our best choice out of all the outdoor speakers we’ve tested? When comparing the speaker to name brands like Bose and Sony, there was no noticeable sound difference. We tested each of the speakers in this review listening to a variety of music, from rock, R&B, jazz and rap. The W Series provided clear, crisp sound that didn’t deteriorate as we increased the volume to max. Whether you’re looking to have a chilled one in the garden or a full on house party, the W Series has you covered.


The W Series sits at 21cm long, 5.5cm tall and 7cm wide. The unit only weighs 689g too which puts it into ultra-portable territory. Overall, we tested the portability of the W Series quite a lot. Taking it to parks, throwing it in my bag, playing it in the car and taking it out to the back garden. I personally think that it’s the perfect size for a wireless speaker, not too small that the sound is compromised but not too big that you can’t take it anywhere!

Battery Life

Battery is really important when we’re looking at wireless speakers. Apart from sound quality, I think this is the second most important factor in your buying decision. The BlitzWolf W Series has a ridiculous 4000mAh battery built-in to the unit which means you can play music for up to 18 hours in one charge. The unit comes with 3 main ports, a USB-C, a Micro SD card (for playing songs directly from the card) and an AUX cable port. The USB can easily be used to charge any device you like and the AUX can be used to connect to any older tech you may want to use.

Overall, you can get an impressive 18 hours worth of playtime out of the BlitzWolf W Series!

BlitzWolf® W Series

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Build Quality

The unit feels premium – but without the price tag. The build quality of the speaker is excellent, no cheap bendy plastics here. The buttons on the top of the unit are easy to press and sturdy. The speaker’s outer shell is really strong and there are also 4 anti-slip silicone pads on each corner of the base. These work really well in keeping the speaker in place and the unit doesn’t move when music is being blasted out at full volume.


You’ve got no problems here as the W Series will almost connect to anything. You have your standard and most used Bluetooth connection, an AUX cable for good measure and also an impressive new feature called NFC. This is the technology used in Apple Pay where your phone can communicate with another device to send information. One simple setup of your iPhone or Android phone and you’ll be able to connect to the W Series in a fraction of the time it would have taken you before. This is a feature I couldn’t stop using once I started!


The BlitzWolf W Series is fully tested IPX6 waterproof wireless speaker. What does this mean? It’s a standardised test that shows how resistant to water the device is. IPX6 is actually really impressive, this means the device is “Protected against high pressure water stream from any angle”. This means the rain or a rainstorm for that matter will have no harmful effects on the unit. Top marks given here.


It comes down to price and practicality as to why these are top of our list. Why pay more? When it comes to having a great outdoor bluetooth speaker, you could choose a pricey alternative like Bose but when the W Series comes with a HUGE 4000mAh battery allowing uninterrupted play for 18 hours and is IPX6 waterproof for less than £100, you really are getting a great deal.

Did we mention that the speakers are loud enough to fill a 100 square metre field? Whether you’re looking to chill out in the garden, lounge on the beach or partying in a field, these speakers will allow you to listen to all your favourite songs wherever you are.

BlitzWolf® W Series

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2. 500LK 100W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with 5000mAh Battery

500LK 100W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with 5000mAh Battery
500LK 100W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with 5000mAh Battery
500LK 100W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with 5000mAh Battery
Out of 10
  • 100W POWERFUL OUTPUT: Enhanced with a strong 100W driver and DSP technology, the 500LK speaker delivers stereo sound with rich bass, tight mids and crystal clear highs. Expansive sound is powerful enough to fill any space.
  • QUAD DRIVERS: Crystal clear highs with punchy and deep bass is delivered with exceptional clarity and zero distortion by the best audio components.
  • 5000mAh LARGE BATTERY: Long battery life and Support USB Emergency Charging, long enough for any outdoor activities. Wireless portable bluetooth speakers should be a must have in your life.
  • VOICE ASSISTANT: Easily control your smartphone using Google, Siri etc…
  • EASY PAIRING: Pair two speakers wirelessly for double the volume or immersive stereo sound, truly enjoy the surround sound of a movie theater, it’s an auditory experience that’s truly unparalleled.
  • RGB LIGHT: Rainbow light show that pulses, phases, and shines to the beat of your music. While you enjoy music, gradient lights would truly bring you party atmosphere. Or turn it off if you’re not feeling the vibe.
  • THREE EQ MODES: Switch among three modes (Standard, Light, Heavy Bass) by pressing EQ button for catering to your musical taste.
  • IPX5 WATERPROOF: Perfect for showering, hiking, camping. No worries about weather and outdoor condition, be the Rocker on your trip.


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3. JBL Flip 6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 2-way speaker system and powerful JBL...

Out of 10
  • Louder, more powerful sound: The beat goes on with a 2-way speaker system engineered to deliver powerful sound with low frequencies while a separate tweeter produces crisp, clear high-frequencies
  • 12 Hours of playtime: Don’t sweat the small stuff like charging your battery because the JBL Flip 6 gives you up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, so you can keep the party going longer
  • IP67 waterproof design: Whether you're hanging out at the park, relaxing on the beach or lounging by the pool, the IP67 waterproof and dustproof design means you can bring your speaker anywhere
  • Bold design meets bold audio: A versatile design means you can stand the Flip 6 vertically or horizontally and loud JBL Original Pro Sound offers a truly immersive listening experience wherever you go

JBL are a great brand of speaker and the Flip 6 is a fantastic bluetooth speaker providing clear, crisp sound and at a medium to higher price. Again, we feel that the battery life is one thing that could be improved on with this unit. As for the price of this unit, it isn’t the most expensive speaker we’ve tested in this review although considering the 500LK is priced similarly, you do get less features for the money.

4. Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Wireless Waterproof Speaker for...

Out of 10
  • STATE-OF-ART DESIGN: SoundLink Flex outdoor speaker is packed with exclusive technologies and a custom-engineered transducer for deep, clear, and immersive audio at home or on the go
  • CLEAREST POSSIBLE SOUND: Proprietary Position Qtechnology automatically detects the position of your portable Bluetooth speaker for optimal sound quality in any orientation or environment
  • WATERPROOF WIRELESS SPEAKER FOR TRAVEL: SoundLink Flex is rigorously tested to meet IP67 waterproof speaker standards. Crafted and sealed with waterproof materials, it even floats – ideal for outdoor adventures
  • PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Built to resist water, dust, and debris, in a design that withstands drops and rust, this compact speaker goes wherever you do. It’s also easy to hold and store, and resistant to corrosion and UV light

Bose do produce really good speakers, which is why the SoundLink Flex makes it to number 4 on the list. Unfortunately we don’t quite think that you are getting that great value for money here as these are circa €150 and considering the specifications of the unit, we feel that you are paying roughly €50-€70 extra just for the brand name. Money aside, the SoundLink Flex is a great speaker and for those who enjoy the brand this could be the right one for you. Lastly we feel that only 12 hours of battery life on this unit needs to be improved on by Bose, sure it’s enough for a day’s worth of playtime but when other brands like BlitzWolf are using batteries which last up to 20 hours, we struggle to see why the ‘premium’ brand doesn’t follow suit.

5. Sonos Roam, The portable smart speaker for all your listening adventures (With...

Out of 10
  • Stream music and more over WiFi, and enjoy easy control with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa
  • Use Bluetooth when you take this waterproof, lightweight, and durable speaker on the go.
  • Get up to 10 hours of continuous play time, and recharge with the included USB-C cable or any Qi wireless charger.
  • Create a multiroom sound system with other Sonos speakers and enjoy music, TV, and more all around your home.

Great for the garden / outdoor areas and provides good clear sound for around €200. Visually the speaker is quite attractive and would fit nicely in most settings. High price, but overall great sound is produced along with good battery life. Design is quite sleek and similar to the BlitzWolf W Series.

6. Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20 - Powerful Loud Wireless Home and Portable Bluetooth...

Out of 10
  • 8 hours of play: A full working day of music, calls or podcasts on a single charge, at typical listening volume. Easy USB-C charging, perfect for parties.
  • Stay fully charged with Qi-wireless charging: Charge compatible phones and devices by laying them on top of Beolit 20, thanks to built-in wireless charging technology. A speaker with something extra to keep the music flowing.
  • Music to travel with: Robust, light and with a soft and strong leather carrying strap, Beolit 20 is built to fit into your travel plans.
  • Set up in moments: Get straight to the point. Minimal setup and stable streaming, so you can start uninterrupted listening right away.

Similar to above, the B&O Beolit 20 is not really that portable but does provide exceptional sound. When you are spending around £450 though, you would expect to at least great sound. If you are looking for the best sound clarity, then this unit is for you. Just be prepared to deal with the 7 hour battery life.

7. Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore - High-end Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker...

Out of 10
  • Ultra-portable grab-and-go speaker: Weighing in at less at 650g, Beosound Explore is a light and rugged speaker as comfortable in your hand as it is clipped to a backpack.
  • Power in your palm: True 360 sound and bass that far outweighs its size, Beosound Explore makes itself known in any space – indoors or out.
  • Rugged design ready for adventure: Waterproof and dust resistant. Take Beosound Explore anywhere you're ready to go – the anodised aluminium shell is built for adventure.
  • Impressive battery Power your adventures. Up to 27 hours of playtime at average listening volumes, means this is a portable speaker that goes the distance.

If you are looking for high end and willing to pay for it the Beosound Explore is a great option. Compared to the B&O Beolit 20, you actually do get some portability with this unit. Still providing great sound at a price point of around €175, the Explore only really falls short when it comes to pricing. At roughly €80-€100 more than our number one spot, the BlitzWolf W Series, we can’t seem to justify why you would choose to pick this model unless you are a serious B&O fan.

8. W-KING Bluetooth Speaker, (120W PEAK)70W IPX6 Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Loud...

Out of 10
  • 70W RMS(120W PEAK) POWERFUL DEEP BASS- W-KING X10 Loud Bluetooth Speaker is the first on the market with triple passive radiators (2 * 3.5" side and 4.76" back), which can provide a deep bass experience unmatched by other bluetooth speakers. The outdoor portable speakers Bluetooth wireless also equipped with 2*35W subwoofer, 2*10W tweeters and advanced DSP chip to achieve clearer mid-highs, rich and smooth zero-distortion sound, and high-frequency sound up to 40kHz is significantly clearer.
  • BLUETOOTH 5.0 & 140W HI-FI STEREO SOUND- Premium Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Speakers Bluetooth Wireless provides incredible 100ft wireless range, faster Bluetooth connection and more stable signal transmission. Connect 2 W-KING X10 portable outdoor bluetooth speakers loud via Bluetooth to form a wireless left and right channel system, amplify your listening experience to epic levels for a perfect rock party with double the bass (X10 and X10-1 can't be paired). A FREE BOTTLE OPENER AS A GIFT!
  • IPX6 WATERPROOF & DETACHABLE STRAPS- Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has an exquisite design that incorporates sturdy ABS plastic and translucent soft rubber. You can bring it to the beach and anywhere else, play your favorite music, and accompany your leisure time(Do not put it directly in the water). X10 waterproof bluetooth speaker includes an adjustable, tear-resistant shoulder strap for easy portability and is designed for active people on the go, catering to your needs throughout the day.
  • 42H PLAYTIME & BATTERY AS POWER BANK- W-KING waterproof outdoor bluetooth speakers deliver up to 42H of playtime from a single charge (playtime may vary depending on volume and audio content). The large battery built into the bluetooth speakers portable wireless can also function as a power bank and effortlessly charge your tablet or phone via a USB port. Don't worry about your device losing power or missing any important news when you're at the camp.

More of a boombox speaker, this is quite a large speaker and does provide 70W of sound output so it is very loud. It’s closest competitor on our list would be the 500LK, which features an extra 30W of power and better battery life. Overall the W-KING is great, albeit very bulky. Sitting at around €95-€100, we think the extra £10 or so extra for the 500LK would be worth it considering the added power and battery life.

9. JBL Charge 5 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker with deep bass, IP67 waterproof and...

Out of 10
  • Take the amazing power of JBL Pro Sound with you both in and outdoors with an optimised racetrack-shaped driver, a separate tweeter, and dual JBL bass radiators delivering rich and clear audio
  • The wireless speaker's portable design means the fun doesn't have to stop, packed with an incredible 20-hour battery life, JBL Charge 5 lets you party all day and into the night
  • Wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth-enabled device while simultaneously charging your devices with a built-in powerbank so you never have to pause the party
  • To the pool, to the park, to the shower JBL Charge 5 is fully IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere without taking a break from your tunes

Sitting at around £130 is the JBL Charge 5. Featuring last on our list for only one reason: the battery life claimed up to 20 hours and in our tests we only managed to achieve between 4-8 hours with varied sound volumes. Apart from this, the Charge 5 would be sitting at number 3 or 4 on our list. Overall great quality sound and bass, but when comparing the speaker to similar rivals like the BlitzWolf and Bose, we feel that there are better options to be considering when you compare product features, pricing and sound quality for the money.

10. JBL Authentics 300, Portable Smart Home Speaker Built-In WiFi and Music...

Out of 10
  • Superb sound performance: Experience bass like never before with the down-firing 6.5-inch passive radiator, while the pair of 25mm tweeters and full-range 5.25-inch woofer deliver crystal clear sound
  • Distinctive style: This retro-style, portable speaker easily fits everywhere in the house thanks to its sleek, compact design, featuring a cast-iron handle, custom leather-like enclosure and Quadrex grille
  • Easy streaming: Take a call without stopping the tunes thanks to built-in WiFi and music streaming services, with access to Spotify Connect, Airplay and more, along with simultaneous voice assist
  • Intuitive technology: Automatic self-tuning optimises the room you are in and the Multi-room Play function allows you to connect two or more speakers – great for house party hosts and music fanatics alike

Expensive but a fantastic choice for those on a higher budget. High build quality and overall good battery life for the power output. We would recommend spending a little less as it’s probably not worth around €300 to get a good bluetooth speaker. A decent budget to get most of the value out of a unit would be around €100-€150.

How We Determine Our Reviews

It’s important to look at what’s required in a great wireless speaker. We’ve come up with 7 must-have essentials for any wireless speaker that you need to consider:

1) Great Sound – we can’t go without this essential component!
2) Portability – is it easy to carry around?
3) Battery Life – how long the battery does it last?
4) Reliability – do I need to worry about the build quality?
5) Connectivity – how easy is it to connect?
6) Waterproofing – do I need to worry about the rain?
7) Price – is it affordable or am I overpaying?

We have reviewed and ordered the above speakers based on these factors. Covering all bases is important when choosing a bluetooth speaker as you only need one aspect of the speaker to let you down to ruin your experience. All in, our top choice is the BlitzWolf W Series which can be found here:

After thorough review, our top choice is the BlitzWolf® W Series, which can be found here:

Why Was The BlitzWolf® W Series The Best?

In our tests we found that a higher price didn’t always equal higher quality. Some of the better known brands like JBL, Sony and Bose did produce really good speakers, but the cost put them at double or triple the price of the BlitzWolf® W Series. When comparing things like bass, sound clarity and features, we found that there was little to no substantial difference.

Top Pick
BlitzWolf® W Series Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to a bluetooth speaker, you want all the features packed into a great design. The BlitzWolf® W Series in our opinion delivers everything you could want in a wireless speaker at a phenomenal price.

Featuring high build quality, great battery life, ultra reliable connectivity and compatibility across all devices, we rate the W Series at 9.8 out of 10.

After using the unit for approximately 4 months now with daily use, we can’t see ourselves switching to another unit any time soon.

Get free delivery when purchased at Shopsta.

The W Series features a 30 watt speaker output, which is more than enough for the average user. At full volume, the speaker could be considered too loud in smaller rooms. This is great though as you can tailor the sound output to your setting. With other features like voice activation, a 4000mAh battery and a rugged outer casing, the W Series definitely allows for ultra portability, great sound and also a great price.

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