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Top 10 Best Massage Guns to Buy in the UK [Updated May 2024]

When it comes to massage guns, we know the score. Choosing a new massage therapy gun is an important decision, whether you go for the known overpriced brands or stick to other equally as well made alternatives for half the price. This guide will give you some recommendations of our most preferred, best quality and reasonably priced products. So here it is, our top buy of 2024, the Konka® 8 Series Massage Gun.

How We Determine Our Reviews

It’s important to look at what’s required in a great massage gun. We’ve come up with 6 must-have essentials for any massage gun that you need to consider:

1) Power Delivery – we can’t go without this essential component!
2) Portability – is it easy to carry around?
3) Battery Life – how long the battery does it last?
4) Reliability – do I need to worry about the build quality?
5) Number of Attachments – does it come with the amount of attachments needed to massage well into each muscle group?
6) Price – is it affordable or am I overpaying?

We have reviewed and ordered the above massage guns based on these factors. Covering all bases is important when choosing a massage gun as you only need one aspect of the unit to let you down to ruin your experience. All in, our top choice is the Konka® 8 Series which can be found here:

Thanks for reading our above reviews and we hope we’ve helped you to find the right massage gun to suit your needs.